Flower Girl Age

With the advent of modern times, age is no longer a bar for deciding on an appropriate flower girl.

Traditionally, flower girls ought to lie between 4 to 8 years of age. A child younger than four is considered too small to handle the pressure of all the eyes gazing at her while she is performing her duties on the wedding day.

Similarly, a girl older than eight is more suitable to be involved in the wedding as a junior bridesmaid rather than a flower girl.

However, there is no age limit if you want someone who does not fall in this category to be your flower girl. This is because maturity level differs significantly from child to child; sometimes, even a younger kid can pull off a task which is not suitable for her age.

Whereas, if you have someone close to your heart who you want as your flower girl, but she is much older, you can surely go along with her without a tincture of doubt.

Many people have had their grandmothers enact the role of flower girl at their weddings, and the masses have greatly appreciated the gesture.

Similarly, at some weddings, toddlers of age as small as three years old have performed the task of a flower girl with high precision and have filled the entire audience with the feeling of awe and wonder.

Therefore, we conclude that there is no age limit for deciding on a flower girl as long as you feel that she is the right person in your heart. Also, make sure that you have a nice little wedding gift for the flower girl once she has done her part!

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