Do you want to try your hands in drone photography for weddings?

Nowadays, drones are getting more popular than ever. They are widely used for wedding photography as they provide you with better perspectives and angles to shoot. Unless you are using a helicopter to get such lovely shots, drones are your only best option.

You will come across numerous drone models on the market. This means wedding photographers can choose any model that meets their requirements. If you are new to drone wedding photography, then you may find this article helpful.

Wedding couple gazing and standing on a rock as a drone shoots

Planning a Wedding Photography with Drones

If you are planning for a drone wedding photography for the first time, then here are some tips for you to follow. This will help you to plan the drone photography session better.

1. Get permission

First thing first, you need to get permission to shoot with drones at the venue. This is required for security purposes, so you should comply with the rules. You can get a written permission letter from the authorities at the place. In case of any issue, you can present that letter.

2. On-demand shoots

If you are doing drone photography on your client’s wedding, then you need to charge on an hourly basis. Make sure that the charges are mentioned clearly in the contract. This is important to avoid any disagreement later on.

3. Take aerial shots with drones

There is no doubt that aerial shots are the best. This is why you should take more aerial shots at the wedding. With the use of drones, you can get fantastic aerial shots at the wedding. From group shots to ring ceremony videos, you can capture it all using drones.

4. Announce you are using drones

Before you start using the device at the wedding, it is better to let everyone know. This is required to avoid any panic situation at the wedding. When you make your guests know about drone photography, they stay more relaxed, and you get better results.

5. Safety is essential

It would help if you used drones only when you know how to fly and handle it. Make sure that you get a lot of practice before launching your drones at the wedding. After all, you don’t want your drones to crash land on someone’s head. This can be risky.

6. No close shots

Drones are mainly meant for taking aerial shots. If you are aiming for portraits and close up shots, it is advised you to avoid using a drone. Taking close shots is not only dangerous, but also you won’t get the perfect angle that you want.

7. Drone Insurance

It would be best if you got your drones insured. As you already know, flying a drone above everyone’s head in a venue full of people can be risky. There is always a chance that you may crash your device in unfortunate circumstances.

Therefore, you need to be prepared for such situations. You can also present a copy of your insurance to the client and owner of the venue.

Groom kissing bride on a rock photographed by a drone


With these tips, you are all set to rock your first drone photography for the wedding. Make sure you use high-end drones to get the best results.

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