How Much Money Should Be Spent on a Wedding Gift?

By Dyane Swarr 3 days ago

Wedding gifts like any other materialistic commodity come with money constraints. While buying a suitable gift for a wedding is necessary, it is equally important to stick to a budget and choose something within the pre-decided range.

Settling a specific budget for the wedding gift depends on several factors. These factors include your current financial condition, how far you are traveling for attending the wedding, and, most importantly, the degree of closeness you have with the newly-wedded couple. After analyzing the answers to these questions, you should buy an appropriate gift accordingly.

People often have a myth that the gift should be in par with the money wedding hosts are spending on your overall stay and reception plate.

However, this should not be the case. Weddings are not social fundraisers, and therefore, no guest should be obliged to spend a particular amount on a wedding gift if he cannot afford it, given his current financial situation.

It has been observed that most couples value your presence or overall intention behind the gift rather than the money tag associated with it. Therefore, the next time you have trouble regarding the money you should spend on a wedding gift, remember that what matters the most is your attendance at the ceremony.

Just recall that you shower the newly-wedded couple with lots of blessings and good fortune, and you are free to carry anything according to your heart’s desire until and unless it doesn’t create a hole in your pocket.

All in all, we conclude that deciding on the budget for the wedding gift is a highly personal choice and should not be influenced by pressures asserted by society.

So, enjoy the pleasure of gift-picking without experiencing the pangs of enormous stress over your head.

First-Ever Space Wedding

By Dyane Swarr 7 days ago

The World’s First-Ever Space Wedding

Imagine your wedding date has been fixed. You are all set for your wedding.

You are waiting eagerly for your husband-to-be. Your fiance, who happens to be an astronaut, is at the International Space Station.

Once he is back, a happy wedding is waiting! Except, there is a catch now! Your fiance’s stay at the ISS just got extended! He is not going to make it for the wedding! His wedding! What would you do?

While you imagine all the things that you would possibly do, read on to find out what Ekaterina Malenchenko did when she was stuck in the exact situation described above!

She went ahead with the wedding. It was certainly different from most weddings. The wedding had the bride on earth, while the bridegroom was in space. And there was the best man too!

It was the world’s first-ever space wedding. It took place on August 10, 2003. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko floated 250 miles above his bride, in space.

The wedding took place through a satellite link. Ekaterina was at NASA’s headquarters in Houston, Texas. The groom, Yuri Malenchenko, dialed into a video link. He was at the International Space Station.

Yuri Malenchenko

Ekaterina was dressed up like a typical bride at any ordinary wedding. She wore a classic white dress. She adorned a few jewels too. On earth, she had a life-size cardboard cut-out of her husband-to-be. The cut-out showed Yuri in his space costume with a bow-tie.

Through the video link, Yuri could be seen walking down the aisle to a David Bowie song. The couple also blew kisses to each other!

What’s more interesting about this is the fact that it wasn’t planned like this in the first place. The couple and their families had decided on the date of the wedding before the extension of Malenchenko’s stay at the International Space Station.

All the arrangements had been made and the guests invited. So, they did not want to change the date. And they came up with a fantastic idea so that the wedding could take place on the originally planned date. Thus, the first-ever space wedding happened.

The astronaut who was the best man was Edward Lu, Yuri’s friend, and colleague. He played the wedding march on a portable keyboard.

The bride said that despite the distance, they were closer to each other because they had excellent communication. She called their bond a ‘celestial and soulful connection,’ probably because they met for the first time at a celebration party of the first-ever crewed space flight.

Maybe Ekaterina can buy a great telescope at as a wedding gift for when her husband returns to earth?

Yuri Malenchenko was named after the highly accomplished Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. And Malenchenko lived up to his name. Malenchenko made multiple visits to space, did several spacewalks. He received Russia’s highest honor – the Hero of the Russian Federation.

The couple was already in a long-distance relationship. Yuri trained in Russia for the space flight, while Ekaterina was in the US. They have proved that true love transcends all boundaries by choosing to marry uniquely.

Also, the Russian government permitted them to do so but specified that no other cosmonaut would be allowed to do that same. Yuri returned in October to finally be united in person, with his wife.

What is the Cutoff Age for a Flower Girl?

By Dyane Swarr 1 week ago

Flower Girl Age

With the advent of modern times, age is no longer a bar for deciding on an appropriate flower girl.

Traditionally, flower girls ought to lie between 4 to 8 years of age. A child younger than four is considered too small to handle the pressure of all the eyes gazing at her while she is performing her duties on the wedding day.

Similarly, a girl older than eight is more suitable to be involved in the wedding as a junior bridesmaid rather than a flower girl.

However, there is no age limit if you want someone who does not fall in this category to be your flower girl. This is because maturity level differs significantly from child to child; sometimes, even a younger kid can pull off a task which is not suitable for her age.

Whereas, if you have someone close to your heart who you want as your flower girl, but she is much older, you can surely go along with her without a tincture of doubt.

Many people have had their grandmothers enact the role of flower girl at their weddings, and the masses have greatly appreciated the gesture.

Similarly, at some weddings, toddlers of age as small as three years old have performed the task of a flower girl with high precision and have filled the entire audience with the feeling of awe and wonder.

Therefore, we conclude that there is no age limit for deciding on a flower girl as long as you feel that she is the right person in your heart. Also, make sure that you have a nice little wedding gift for the flower girl once she has done her part!

Do You Bring Gifts to a Wedding?

By Dyane Swarr 3 weeks ago

The question of bringing a gift to the wedding has no universal answer. It varies from tradition to tradition, and even depends on the destination of the wedding.

In some cultures, guests ought to bring a wedding gift along with them. The weddings in these traditions take place in the premises of the home, and there is usually a heavily laden table specially designated for wedding gifts.

In such cases, when the other people around you are bringing wedding gifts for the newly married couple, it becomes your moral etiquette to do the same.

Whereas, in other cultures, it is not necessary to bring a gift along with you on the day of the wedding. This can be due to several factors, including the destination of the wedding, that is, the location of the wedding can be such that it becomes inconvenient for the host to carry all the gift items received back to their home.

Another reason can be people in some traditions prefer that the guests do home delivery of the wedding gifts to avoid misplacing of any commodity in the hustle-bustle of the wedding.

To summarize, wedding gifts are a must as it is part of the wedding etiquettes set by society. But the only thing that varies is when and where you are delivering the gift.

Some prefer to bring it along with themselves on the wedding day, whereas others are more inclined towards providing the gift to the home of the groom and bride within a few months of the wedding.

How Do You Include Kids in a Wedding?

By Dyane Swarr 4 weeks ago

Kids at Weddings

Including kids at your wedding can turn out to be pretty exciting, unique, and promising in more than one way.

It can also help you in adding just the right amount of much-needed fun and amusement to the wedding. Generally, people believe that involving kids in wedding preparations can be a messy task. On the contrary, it has been observed that they indeed prove to be instrumental in easing the entire process.

One of the simplest ways of involving children in wedding preparations is by including them in picking catering services and DIY crafts and decorations for the special day.

Children love the former task all around the world as they get to taste amazing dishes and cakes without the fear of getting scolded by their parents/guardians.

Children also adore getting involved in designing gift baskets, welcome cards for the guests, or playing their part in deciding the decoration or theme for the wedding day. It is also a great idea to gift the little ones a few presents, so they feel special as well!

Sometimes, if the kids are old enough, they are also provided with the responsibility of a ring bearer or a flower girl. In this way, they realize that their role is vital for the wedding, and hence they feel a greater sense of attachment.

To add a distinctive touch to your wedding, you can also get unique mini groomsmen and bridesmaid dresses designed for the little kids. When the guests find these precious little gems wandering the corridors of the marriage hall dressed up as groomsmen or bridesmaid, they are sure to get overwhelmed by the feeling of wonder and admiration.

These are some of the many ways you can get children involved in your wedding preparations.

To conclude, it is time to allow the kids to participate equally in the wedding preps irrespective of their age by assigning them suitable roles or providing them with a helper in the form of an adult.

What is the Best Gift for a Wedding Couple?

By Dyane Swarr 4 weeks ago

Wedding Gifts for Couples

Choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones is always a difficult task. The complexity increases by several folds if the occasion is your best friend’s wedding.

You would surely want to gift them something which they will cherish for the lifetime. The best gift for a wedding couple will be something that synchronizes with both their interests and who better to know it except you.

With a lot of options and possibilities available in the market, it is essential to adhere to a specific budget. After deciding the budget, the next important task is to decide upon the category or genre of the gift and whether it is in par with the interests of your favorite couple.

For instance, if the couple is into cooking, you can gift them items for the kitchen, whereas, if they make for an adventurous couple, you can even gift them a weekend full of excitement, adventure, and exploration by sponsoring their honeymoon trip.

In case you are still not sure about what to gift and what not to gift, you can refer to the suggestions mentioned in the following lines. You can never go wrong with cutlery items, gift them amazing kitchen products that will be used by them for a pretty long period.

If cutlery is not your pick, go for the incredible home décor items ranging from the beautiful photo frames to personalized goods. Personalized gift items are the newest trend in the market at this point, and therefore it will be the most classic wedding gift they will receive.

If you still don’t feel like gifting any of the products mentioned above, widen your horizons and gift them an ultimate experience which they will cherish for eternity rather than gifting them materialistic things.

To summarize, you know it in your heart what gift will be best suited for your favorite couple. Therefore, buy something they least expected but will treasure forever.

7 Classic Wedding Gifts

By Dyane Swarr 2 months ago

Shopping for your favorite wedding couple? If you are confused to choose the perfect gift for the couple, then we can help you with it.

A wedding gift should be something that will be remembered by the couple forever. It should bring them joy and put a smile on their faces as soon as they open the box. There is a wide range of items available that can be given as wedding gifts. But nothing beats the classic wedding gifts that were loved by your mom and grandmom.

Classic wedding gifts are unique items that are to be given to a special couple. The good thing is that there are plenty of classic wedding gifts ideas. However, if you are still unable to pick, then you can take the help of the list given below.

Group of gift boxes with ribbons and flowers

List of Classic Wedding Gifts

The items listed below could be the perfect wedding gifts for your favorite couple. There’s no way that they won’t appreciate these traditional, classic gifts. So without wasting any more time, let’s walk you through the list of items that are perfect as classic wedding gifts.

Most of these excellent wedding gift ideas I “borrowed” from a website named Party Wedding. Feel free to have a look at their site. It’s worth your time!

1. Barware

In reality, no one uses stainless steel cocktail shakers, crystal glasses, and other fancy things that you see in a bar. Well, this is precisely why they can be the best wedding gift items. Having a fully loaded bar cart is all about enjoying your adulthood.

These are the kind of gifts that will last forever. The couple will be using the same cocktail shaker when they are celebrating their silver jubilee.

You can buy an entire barware set containing all the items that are used for making a sweet drink. Give the couple a chance to enjoy their first drink after the wedding in full luxury setup.

2. Expensive alcohol

Classy, expensive drinks never go out of fashion. No matter what the occasion is, they always serve to be the best gift item. You can give the newlyweds a nice bottle of alcohol to cherish. This can be anything, and you can go for a bottle of expensive champagne or wine. If you know what they like, it will make it easier for you to pick the right choice.

The drink you gift them will be forever special to them. They can drink it on the first night after the wedding day or on take it with them to their honeymoon. On a creative note, you should get the bottle packed in a nicely. The best option would be to gift a wine case. There’s no way they will go without appreciating you for such a lovely gift.

3. Useful home appliances

Whether married or not, we all need home appliances to make our lives a little easier. If you have decided to buy the couple a home appliance, you will find a lot of options to choose from. You should purchase something that will help the bridegroom in her daily house chores.

For example, a hi-tech vacuum cleaner or a washing machine would be a great idea. Make sure that you opt for a reputed brand, after all, and you wouldn’t like getting judged for selecting any cheap options. Items like a mixer, dishwasher, juicer, etc., can be the perfect gift items for any newlywed couple.

4. Luggage set

Another great gift idea would be a fancy luggage set. This is perhaps the most useful gift item you can give to a newlywed couple. They can use the new luggage set whenever they are travelling. For instance, they can carry it on their honeymoon trip.

If you are planning to buy a luggage set for the couple, make sure that you choose something chic. At the same time, it should also be durable so that it lasts forever. The good thing is there are plenty of designs available out there. So you shouldn’t face any problem finding the right luggage set for your favorite couple.

5. Classic pots and pans

The next best item you can give is a set of classics pots and pans. The couple is going to start a new life after their marriage. Your gift could be a small contribution to building their post-marriage life.

It is quite evident that they will be shopping for kitchenware, once they start their life together. In this case, giving them something like a classic set of pots and pans will only make things easier for them.

6. Fancy kitchen knives

Along with classic pots and pans, you can also decide to gift some fancy kitchen knives to the newlywed couple. However, it is believed that giving any sharp object brings bad luck. But all that exists only in the folklore today.

You should instead think of the newlywed couple. They need cookware in their kitchen. Therefore, they will surely appreciate the set of fancy kitchen knives that you will gift them. The best thing about gifting stainless steel knives is that they will last forever. Every time they use the knives, they will thank you for the convenient wedding gift.

7. Furniture

The best kind of wedding gift would be the furniture. If the couple is close to you, then you can gift them a beautiful piece of furniture. They can use your gift at the start of their married life.

There are so many options you can choose from. For example, a lovely cupboard, a tea table, or a table-chair set could be the best gift item for a newlywed couple. In case you are not sure what to gift, you can bring them a gift card so that they can visit the store and get the furniture of their choice. This is the kind of gesture they will surely appreciate.

wedding favors


So these are some of the best classic wedding gift ideas you can choose from. No matter what you give, it should be unique and remembered by the couple for long. In this case, a classic wedding gift seems to be the best idea. We have listed only a few options. But you can look for more such classic items on the web.

Best Wedding Gifts for Kids

By Dyane Swarr 2 months ago

So your wedding is just around the corner, and you have already picked up gifts for your significant other and your in-laws. But what about the little kids in your family?

At a wedding, there can be children who you want to give something too. Just like your other guests, these kids are also unique, and getting them some gifts would be a nice gesture.

Now the main question is, what wedding gifts can you get for the kids? Do you have a hard time to think of something to give to them? Don’t worry; we have got your back. In this article, we will suggest you with some of the best children wedding gifts that you will love.

couple and their kids as they merge their families in marriage

Before we continue, it is good to know that I “stole” most of these wedding gift ideas for children from the German Stone Foot website. They have all kinds of great and unique gift idea articles on their site, make sure to check them out!

List of Wedding Gifts for Kids

A wedding is a unique family function where everyone should be cared for equally. Whether they are kids or adults, you need to think of everyone.

So here is the list of wedding gifts for kids:

1. Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry for kids like bracelets and necklaces could be the ideal wedding gift item. You can get their full name or initials engraved on the jewelry and give it to them. For girls, you can provide them with a necklace, and for boys, you can give bracelets.

There are plenty of designs available, so it shouldn’t be a problem picking the right design. You can find something perfect so that they can wear it with their matching wedding outfit.

2. Photo frame

Another exceptional wedding gift item is a photo frame. You can make a beautiful photo frame on your wedding day. There cannot be anything more special than this. This photo frame is proof of love and bond between your family members. You can frame the picture in a beautiful wedding photo frame. This is a kind of gift that is suitable even for adults as well.

3. Tiara

Most little girls love the idea of being a princess. In that case, you can get them a lovely hairpiece or tiara. Yes, this is mainly meant for the girl’s kids in your family. Gifting a tiara to little boys is not a good idea. But if they are infants, then you can still think of gifting a hairpiece to them.

You can get a wide range of designs on the market. Make sure that you get a pretty one for all the beautiful kids at the wedding. This will bring a smile on their faces. The best thing to do is to get something that will match your wedding outfit. This will help build a connection between you and them.

4. Perfume or cologne

You can also think of gifting a particular perfume or cologne to the kids. This type of gift is the perfect choice for kids who are a bit older. Everyone loves a pleasant scent, and therefore, gifting a bottle of nice cologne could be the best idea.

You should pick a nice cologne or perfume that suits their age and style. Also, it should be special enough for them to remember for life.

5. An engraved watch

There cannot be anything special than a nice engraved watch. You can engrave their names or a special note at the back of the dial to make the watch more special.

There are watches available for every age group. Therefore, you should pick a design that will suit their age. This is the kind of gift that will mean something to the receiver. A watch is a gift that is meant for the special people in your loves, in this case, the little angels that means the world to you.

If you are unwilling to gift a wristwatch, then you can even opt for a pocket watch. Pocket watches have a nice traditional touch to them and will serve as the perfect wedding gift for kids.

6. Shower set

You can even give a beautiful shower set to the kids. You can get shower sets for both little kids and for the ones who are a bit older. A shower set may contain all the necessities that you need during your bath time.

Bride and Groom kissing with flower girls covering their eyes


So these are some of the wedding gift items you can give to the little kids attending your wedding. This will be an excellent way of making them feel special.